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Beautiful Homewares, Ethically Sourced

TheHomeDream is a homegrown business based in New Delhi (India) with worldwide operation. We are a mother daughter team in which I design all our wares and my mother looks after all our sourcing and manufacturing operations in India.

I am a truly Indian girl now living in Australia with my family. We share two worlds, two visions and two cultures. We try to connect Australia and India, covering the miles and bridging the distance between these two great countries that are more alike than different.

On my sourcing trips to India, we explore some of the most remote areas, always with a camera in hand to document the journey. On our travels, we seek out the wares, finest rugs and cushions that have been handwoven using traditional materials and design techniques by some of India’s most talented artisans, bringing them back across the world from their home to yours.




Ethically Made, Fairly Traded
TheHomeDream believes in a world of ethically made and fairly traded products, which is why we deal directly with our artisans. Paying a fair price for our wares helps guarantee that our weavers and artisans receive the working wages they deserve. The profits they earn from every product sold are used by the artisans and their families to cover day-to-day living costs such as buying food and clothing, paying school expenses, accessing medical care, and sourcing new tools and materials to continue and thrive 
Earning a fair wage has enabled our weavers and artisans to form their own co-operatives, giving individuals the added benefit of sharing materials, ideas and work loads. This flexibility means that our artisans can work from their homes and villages, eliminating the need to travel long distances to sell their products or find alternate employment in big cities.
By respecting each individual artisans’ creativity and technique, thehomedream helps to give these communities, a stronger sense of cultural independence and pride. Showing our artisans the real value of their work demonstrates to the younger generations that the age old craft techniques are an honourable  and profitable vocation, helping to preserve the precious traditional form of art for years to come.
Thank you for visiting my store and sincerely hope you enjoy the items on offer.
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