Ultimate Guide To Beautiful Bedrooms

Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Bedrooms

Our sleeping spaces can often be a little uninspired when it comes to décor, of course we choose a nice bed, a smart closet and an attractive bedside table and lamp, but the finished product just lacks that bit of oomph.

Bedroom designs don’t have to mean a complete overhaul, sometimes a tiny tweak like bedroom fairy lights can have just as much impact as your bedroom furniture.

Have a read through these “easy-to-steal” bedroom decorating ideas. The bedroom of your dreams? It might just be right here…


Bedroom Decorating Idea Use Throw Pillows Wallpaper

Complete your small space by mixing patterns. In this bedroom, printed wallpaper pairs well with textured floor rug that sits neatly in front of the bed. Use throw pillows to your advantage, and add visual interest by mixing similarly coloured pillows that have interesting patterns. Here the blue quilted bed linen unifies the space, adds texture and keeps the pops of colour from overpowering the room.


Couch with Throw Blanket and Cushion

Whether it’s a giant chaise lounge of a mismatched side chair, you’ll want something to sit on. It’s nice to have a place to perch while tying your shoes so you don’t mess up the bed you just made. This is a great opportunity to rehab a flea market chair or use a couple of yards of beloved fabric.


 Bedroom Decorating Ideas Chair with Cushion

In a bedroom, window treatments that can be closed to darken the space or opened to let in plenty of light are ideal. Curtain panels paired with shades offer versatility. When lowered, the shades offer privacy however let filtered light come through. For added luxury, add a block out lining to the curtains.


Lamps and Light in Bedroom Decoration

A good-looking pair of lamps flanking the bed is an instant style update that’s practical too.  A classic pair of ceramic lamps goes a long way however we also love wall mounted scones, especially for the late-night readers.


Bedside Table for Storage Bedroom Decoration

Closed storage by the bed is essential. One small drawer will hold hand creams, reading glasses, a television remote and anything else that might litter your bedside table. In lieu of a drawer, try a pretty box or basket – anything that will clear the clutter.


Throw Pillows Cushions Bedroom decoration

There are no set rules for arranging bed pillows. Anything goes. Some people are messy, some are neat, some like exact order and some don’t want to bothered. But, if you are design conscious, bed pillows are that little extra luxury that make a bed so inviting and alluring.

A beautiful arrangement of pillows is the ultimate finishing touch on a well-made bed.

My thumb rule (starting from the bedhead):

King – 3 Euro -> 2 King -> 2 Standard -> 1 Accent

Queen – 2 Euro -> 2 Standard -> 1 Accent

Single – 1 Euro -> 1 Standard -> 1 Accent 


Bedroom Colour Throw Pillows

Experts are divided on this subject. Some say a bedroom should be a restful colour, while another school of thought suggests a bedroom is an appropriate place for colours that create a cosy cocoon. In any case the colour scheme of your bedroom should be one that you enjoy and that inspires happy thoughts as you drift to sleep.

Let me know what you think and share your bedroom decorating tips using the comments section below.

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