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Shipping & Payments


Do you ship internationally?

How much will it cost to ship my item(s)?

How long will it take to receive my item(s)?

Will I get charged customs/import duties on my order?


How do I make payments using PayPal? How does it work?

Can I pay using PayPal without a PayPal account?

What are the payment methods available

Store Policies

Refunds & Returns

How can I return an item?

How will you refund me?

Can I refund or exchange sale items

What if I want to return I purchased as a gift?

What about exchanging an item?

Do I have to ship the item?

Privacy Policy

Can you provide details on your store privacy policy?

Terms of Service

What are your terms of service?


Wholesale Details

Do you take wholesale orders?

What is the discount on retail prices for wholesale orders?